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Our mission is to provide career opportunities to military spouses that are transferable and move with you throughout military life. We are constantly looking to add to our work from home team of military spouses and provide career opportunities.  Scroll down to see available positions and apply! 
Current Open Positions
PCS Mentor
  What Is A PCS Mentor?
The PCS Mentor Position is designed to offer military spouses supplemental income with the flexibility to work from home. As a PCS Mentor, you’ll connect with military spouses  who are looking for help during their PCS through Facebook and Facebook groups. This role is designed to provide valuable insights with all elements of the PCS process—not just buying and selling homes. As a PCS Mentor you’ll gain training on resources that can help guide military families on all aspects of PCS’ing. 

Love connecting with fellow military families and sharing resources and your PCS knowledge? The PCS Mentor position may be a perfect fit for you! To apply, fill out the following application. 
  Ideal Traits Of A PCS Mentor
  • Motivated to connect with people and isn’t discouraged easily.
  • Familiar with PCS’ing and has personal experience finding a rental home and/or buying/selling a home.
  • An effective communicator when it comes to written correspondence and speaking on the phone.
  •  Makes friends easily and has a heart for helping people.
  •  Tends to always do the right thing—even if that means knowing a family may not work with us. We are big on always do what is best for our military family’s situation.
  •  Can think on their feet and remain composed if put in a confrontational situation.
 MilSpo Ambassador
Do you love connecting with your fellow milspouses? Do you wish there was a place where you could get tips, tricks, and helpful articles on how to navigate military life? The MilSpo Ambassador mission and movement is to create community, share helpful resources and create employment opportunities for your fellow mil spouses. You'll get custom content, tools and tips you can provide to mil families at the click of a button. 

You'll also earn points as an Ambassador which helps you earn fun prizes like gift cards, swag made by fellow mil spouses and travel rewards.  

Getting started is easy, click the link below and connect your social networks, and get to sharing!

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